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Storelab Connect™

STORELAB™ Connect™ global leading enterprise software platform enables our clients to host STORELAB™ at their premise or online and benefit from:

  • Import/Export/Modify Planograms (.psa files)
    Customise your layouts – workshop live with your customers.
  • View and walk through your custom built virtual store environments
    • Manipulation of pre-determined items within the scene (rotate, move, scale)
    • Save manipulated versions
  • Create video output directly from STORELAB™ Storyteller™ to support internal communication or training – add insights, performance data, supporting documentation to bolster your story.
    • Develop your own scripted video with insights, overlays and data
  • Visualise your merchandising solutions within Photo Realistic Virtual store environments.
  • Reduces cost of further changes to scene by STORELAB™ through improved briefings.
  • Customise your own virtual retail environments to –
    Experiment, Enhance, Deliver and Save Money!……..

+150 global
virtual store

150+ Virtual Store Environments of Store Lab